Upholstery Fabrics – Choose Wisely

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Most people are usually attracted from the fancy appearance, colour or certain model when purchasing their new furniture. Of course, appearance is quite important factor when buying furnishings, but there is another key issue you need to consider – the practicality. Before purchasing the amazing sofa which you have seen in a fancy show room, or catalogue take a minute and think about this: how much efforts, time and money are you willing to waste in its maintenance? There certainly is no point of taking gorgeous couch, that you won’t be able to clean well. This is why choosing the right kind of upholstery is really crucial. Modern Fabrics Are Usually Blends of Fibres Today most of fabric types used for upholstery are usually mixture of different kinds of fibres. When you pick a sofa, or other piece of...

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Protect Nature – Go Green

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Most people have no idea what we do to out planet every second of every day, how we constantly pollute and destroy the only thing we can’t live without ā€“ nature. Not many people think about how our planet can live without us, but if we continue to devour the ecosystems and exterminate different species pretty soon we’ll end up living in a desert. I suppose you have no idea how much dirt, and chemicals are thrown every day, the numbers are really frighting. We Pollute While We Clean The worst thing is even when we try to clean we pollute the planet even more, do you have any idea ho much chemicals are there in the commercial cleaning solutions? Of course you don’t nor you think about it, but maybe it is time. Just before you think Iā€™m...

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Cleaning Your House After a Pet

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Nothing compares to the warm, unconditional love of our four-legged friends. They are always happy to see us, always ready to play, and always there for us. Yes, right there. In our home. On the armchair. And the sofa. And on our gorgeous rug. Having a pet is great, but there is a down side ā€“ cleaning after a playful act or dog can be really tough task. But there are a few tricks that can ease your chores around the house if you have a pet. Prevention Tips As usual prevention is the best way to keep your home cleaner when having a pet. So in order to minimise the risk of accidents, the first thing you should do is proper potty-training. The more efforts you invest in potty training the better ā€“ this means less stains to...

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More Tips For Cleaner Home

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Probably nobody likes to clean. Well, except for some old ladies that have so much free time and wonder what to do all day long. On the other hand, most young people, do not want to say all, think only how to escape from their carpet cleaning chores. But still, keeping your home or room pleasant and welcoming is a necessity. You want to get guests over, right? But you are quite sure they will not come back if they notice the big stain on your carpet. So you are probably caught between a hard place and a rock. You have to clean your carpet regularly, but still do not want to commit much time and effort? Well, generally speaking there is a solution to every problem. When it comes to carpet cleaning, you need to be persistent in...

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3 Steps For Better Cleaning Routine

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Tips for Better Cleaning If you like to have a neat and clean home, but do not want to spend hours keeping it that way, then this article is just for you. You will read about some quick and easy tricks to keep your home clean and cozy without spending much time and effort. Start with taking good care for your carpets. They are maybe the most expensive part in your home interior. So taking proper care and regular maintenance is of the utmost importance. Thud you will be sure they are protected, you will be able to enjoy them for longer, and last, but not least, you will save lots of money. It is certain that not many people like to clean. On the contrary, most find a tiring and burdensome task, better left for tomorrow, or next...

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