Upholstery Fabrics – Choose Wisely

Most people are usually attracted from the fancy appearance, colour or certain model when purchasing their new furniture. Of course, appearance is quite important factor when buying furnishings, but there is another key issue you need to consider - the practicality. Before [...]

Protect Nature – Go Green

Most people have no idea what we do to out planet every second of every day, how we constantly pollute and destroy the only thing we can't live without – nature. Not many people think about how our planet can live without us, [...]

2018-04-17T11:44:27+01:00March 15th, 2015|Categories: Blog News and Articles @London Carpet Cleaning|Tags: , |

Cleaning Your House After a Pet

Nothing compares to the warm, unconditional love of our four-legged friends. They are always happy to see us, always ready to play, and always there for us. Yes, right there. In our home. On the armchair. And the sofa. And on our gorgeous [...]

2018-04-17T12:02:31+01:00March 5th, 2015|Categories: Blog News and Articles @London Carpet Cleaning|Tags: |
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