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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Cleaning your carpet may be daunting, but it’s a necessity nevertheless. It reduces bacteria within the household, which lessens the likelihood of allergies, keeps your house safer, and elongates your carpet’s lifespan! So not only does it improve your health, but it also saves [...]

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3 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Beautiful Carpet Clean

All carpets look great when we buy them. But over time they tend to get a shabby worn out look, loosing their as-new appearance. Here are a few tips shared by professional cleaner to help you maintain your carpet in good shape and [...]

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Four indoor features that tend to pollute the air in your home

In today’s article we will turn your attention to the four most common sources of indoor air pollution. A new carpet and sofa- some carpet and upholstery materials emit volatile organic compounds known as VOCs. Some of these particles are so dangerous that they [...]

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Carpet Cleaning – How to Maintain the Good Look

Carpets are among your most valuable home items. Chances are that you spent a great amount of money acquiring them. The wise thing to do is to protect them and extend their life. When you have decided that it is time for your [...]

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Basic Rules for Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Unless you’re a City broker with juicy paycheck, chances are you can’t afford to buy new carpet every year. So, the thing you have to do is to stretch the lifespan of your carpets and area rugs as long as possible. You can [...]

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4 Homemade Carpet Cleaning Recipes

If you want to minimise the amount of chemicals you use in your home you can try these greener and safer recipes for house cleaning detergents. All the ingredients can be found in your utility countertops, so these solutions are cheaper and greener [...]

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How to Check the Cleaning Company You Have Found Online

A lot has been said and written about carpet cleaning in last few years. Back in the not that distant past when Google wasn’t so widely used homeowners relied on Yellow Pages, local news outlets and recommendations from friends to choose their [...]

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What to Expect from Your Cleaning Company

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies nowadays so choosing the best one for you can be difficult. If you check up the Internet for this service you will find thousands of websites. It’s great that we have such a variety of [...]

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