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Areas we cover

London Carpet Cleaning LTD provides complete coverage in all London areas within the M25 ring.

reading a map of London

We are available in all the London areas and boroughs.

You might find us in Central London, cleaning carpets in a hotel or office, or south of the Thames, having rugs cleaned in one of our own depots.

Over the years, London Carpet Cleaning LTD has become more popular in certain areas and boroughs because of the hard work we do and of the excellent results our technicians get every day.

In all cases, we are available locally to you and at a time that suits you best, so call us for a friendly chat and an excellent quote.

Where are we most popular in London?

London areas we're popular in

We are most popular in some special areas of London.

These are the most popular areas we cover in London, based on the amount of customers we have and the amount of work we do there every day.

This means that we’ve developed relationships with customers from these areas and that we get involved in community projects and the every day life of the areas listed below.

From the feedback we’ve received from our domestic and business customers, our carpet cleaning service is most popular in all London areas.

Which of our carpet cleaners get the best feedback?

Our carpet cleaners' feedback

Both in the past and nowadays, our carpet cleaners have received excellent feedback from our customers.

Every day, our local carpet cleaners do their work in and around London for our customers.

It’s the results of their work, and the quality of their service, that bring in the excellent feedback they receive.

These are the teams which lead other carpet cleaners through the work they do and the customer reviews they’ve received over the years, from all over London:

Where are we best know for upholstery cleaning?

Feedback for our upholstery cleaners

We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback for our upholstery cleaning services.

Cleaning upholstery is not an easy task to do. It’s all about the fabric that needs cleaning, the types of stains it has, and the right chemicals to be used.

Our technicians are well aware of these factors, and they take them into consideration with every single job they do.

That’s why it should not come as a surprise that we have regular customers who contract us for cleaning sofas, armchairs, curtains, blinds, mattresses and other similar items, too.

Here are the London areas where our upholstery cleaning services are best known:

Our dedicated teams for rug cleaning: where are they most popular?

feedback for our rug cleaners

Our rug cleaners do their work at our customers’ properties or at one of our depots, too.

We have teams of technicians who only do rug cleaning in London: it helps ensure they only focus on one task and that they’re the best at it.

Our technicians can clean your rugs either at your property or at our own depots, for your convenience, and working out which option suits you best is simply one phone call away.

For a free cleaning quote, contact our assistants now at 020 3390 2157 – for your convenience they are awaiting your call  24/7 .