London Carpet Cleaning Ltd is a specialist stain treatment, carpets, rugs and soft furnishings cleaning company.

You may have heard about us from a friend or a professional colleague who recommended us to you, as most of our business comes from repeat orders and recurring customers.

Before booking with us, we invite you to get to know us better

It is the quality of our workmanship that guarantees that you will get the best cleaning service possible, and we will have kept you as our recurring client.

It is also our team who contributes a great deal to making sure that the standard of our work is second to none, and that there is no other company out there which can provide a better service to our customers.

Lastly, our experience in cleaning different fabrics in different properties and under different conditions is what sets us apart. We can dry clean, clean with cold water extraction, or steam clean any type of fabric available out there, regardless of its age, condition and the date of its last cleaning.

In fact, we continuously assign trainees, experienced, and senior fabric cleaning specialists to different type of fabric cleaning just so that they extend their experience, and get to be ready for any type of cleaning which our clients may require.

This has helped us to excel in every single cleaning segment in our industry, and it has also guaranteed that regardless of which technician is booked for your cleaning, they will do an impeccable job for you.

All the work we do, combined with our experience, helps us make sure that you, our client, gets the best there is in fabric cleaning, and that apart from that, the services you book with us will come with certain guarantees which are not available elsewhere.

We strongly advise you to check each of those pages just to make sure you will get the best service and the best investment for your cleaning needs.

And, as always, we are available for you around the clock, both for simple advice, to book a service with us, or to check the status of your existing booking.

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Call us today on 020 3390 2157 for a thorough carpet cleaning services in London. Our friendly office assistants can provide you with a free quote and help with booking a service with a local team of carpet cleaners. In case your home furniture needs a clean as well, you can ask about our upholstery treatments as well. Combining our services can save you a lot of money.