We Gurantee Quality Work

It is a commonly-known fact that the more we become experienced at what we do, the stronger the guarantees we will give our customers.

An unexperienced, trainee or fresh starter with a cheap, second-hand machine will not be able to give the same guarantees as an experienced, senior fabric cleaning technician whose equipment and tools cost thousands of pounds.

Because we review, test, and move into use the most effective and best machines, tools, and equipment out there, we give our customers a set of guarantees which they cannot find elsewhere.

Here are our guarantees.

In terms of quality of work:

We guarantee that your job will be done by an experienced, fully trained fabric cleaning technician.

This means that we will send a technician who has been trained at the leading and most experienced organisations in our industry: IICRC (worldwide) and nationwide when and where a new and relevant training course becomes available.

It also means that the technician will have, and currently is, been trained in-house by senior technicians whose experience is not available anywhere else.

This will reflect in the outcome of the fabric cleaning: regardless if you hire us for carpet, rug, sofa or curtains cleaning, the results will be second to none.

A very important note for you, the client, is to remember to have all the fabrics cleaned regularly.

A carpet which has not been cleaned in four years, for example, will not come out as clean as carpet which is cleaned once every six or twelve months because the fabric tends to degrade, and it can no longer be cleaned to a brand new condition.

In terms of spot treatment:

When you have a stain or a mark on any given fabric, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. As you may have noticed, we call it a spot treatment service, not a stain removal service.

This is because the longer a mark stays on a fabric, the more difficult it will be to fully remove.

This is made worse when someone else works on the stain in an attempt to remove it.

For this particular reason, no one will ever guarantee to fully remove a stain without inspecting it and working on it.

What we can guarantee is that if we cannot remove a stain, then no one else will be able to do so.

In terms of pricing:

Every cleaning project is different. You may have a room the same size as your neighbour’s; however, if your carpets have been cleaned regularly at least once a year, and if there are no obvious stains, then cleaning them will cost you less than the other room.

For this reason, we always strive to give the customer exceptional value at a reasonable price, and we try to keep the costs a low as possible.

Bear in mind, though, that there might be a difference between the quote given to you by phone or by email, and the quote given to you on the day.

That is why it is best to send us as many details as possible about your service request, and photos of the items, too.

This simple process will make sure that you will receive an accurate, no obligation quote from our team.

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