Our equipment plays a very important role in making sure the job gets done property. Along with our experience, which comes with time, number of jobs done, and the variety of each job, the equipment we use must serve two purposes: it must be reliable, and it must be the best on the market.

We have our own special team which researches, tests, and moves into use different types of machines and tools.

Apart from our technicians, who check the equipment at the beginning and the end of the day, we also carry out a thorough check at the end of the week, and a full inspection once a month.

There are three type of machines we use: the first is for dry cleaning, the second is for water extraction (also known as “steam cleaning”), and the third is for specialist fabrics.

Apart from that, we use a wide range of tools which make our jobs easier. These include, for example fast dryers (also known as “speed-dryers” or “turbo dryers”), hoovers, furniture glides, brushes, combs and many more.

Why not use small machines?

First of all, each machine we use on a daily basis, has been designed for industrial use. This reflects in its price, and it also reflects in the quality of the cleaning.

A small machine which costs £20-30 to rent per day may get decent results but it will never come close in the results an industrial machine will get.

Because ours are industrial machines, it means that they can cover a large area in a very short time.

Indeed, an empty, carpeted room will take less time to clean than a room with furniture in it which needs to be moved around.

That is why, before our team’s arrival at your property, it is best to move away as much furniture and loose items from the rooms which need cleaning,.

Let’s have a look at each type of machines we use for cleaning fabrics:

The medium-sized professional, industrial machines used for dry cleaning
The large, professional, industrial machines used for water extraction / steam cleaning
Specialist machines for spot / stain treatment and cleaning of specialist fabrics.

Have a look below at some photos of some of our equipment to get an idea of what we do.

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