Thorough Carpet Cleaning Services London

If you are looking for a thorough carpet cleaning services in London, we, at London Carpet Cleaning Ltd have you covered. Our experts are the right people for any cleaning emergency. Our expert local teams can come at short notice and deal with any stain or just refresh your domestic carpet with a steam clean. Both ways, you can take advantage of our competitive prices and save money! Get in touch now by calling 020 3390 2157.

Expert Team with the Latest Techniques and Equipment

Our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the most effective, up-to-date chemicals available today. Our pet-friendly solutions and sanitizers help with those unexpected pet accidents that occur from time to time. Before determining colour fastness, our experts always spot-test an inconspicuous area to ensure they use the proper chemical and cleaning method for your carpet.

There is not one chemical that can remove all stains. Each stain must be assessed and individually treated.

Why choose London Carpet Cleaning LTD?

  • Award-Winning Reputation
  • Fully Insured and Certified Team
  • Most Recommended in London
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • 50% Off On All Services
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Special Offers and Discounts

We clean carpets forArea sizeOld PriceYou pay only
Single Bedroom7 ft x 7 ft (max. area)£60.00from £30.00
Double Bedroom10 ft x 8 ft (max. area)£70.00from £35.00
Living / Dining / Lounge14 ft x 12 ft (max. area)£80.00from £40.00
Through Lounge16 ft X 12 ft (max. area)£140.00from £70.00
Stepsper step£6 per stepfrom £2.70 per step
Bathroom£50.00from £25.00
Landing / Hallway10 ft x 8 ft (max. area)£40.00from £20.00
We clean carpets forYou pay only
Single Bedroom
7 ft x 7 ft (max. area)
£60.00 from £30.00
Double Bedroom
10 ft x 8 ft (max. area)
£70.00 from £35.00
Living / Dining / Lounge
14 ft x 12 ft (max. area)
£80.00 from £40.00
Through Lounge
16 ft X 12 ft (max. area)
£140.00 from £70.00
(per step)
from £2.70 per step
Bathroom£50.00 from £25.00
Landing / Hallway
10 ft x 8 ft (max. area)
from £20.00

Prices shown above act as guidelines: we will always do the best possible to give you a great service at a great price.

For an accurate, custom made quote please always contact us.

Note: Our minimum call-out charge (the first item we clean) is £70.00.

Since we are local to the area you live in, as we cover all the M25 region, we do not charge based on the distance our technicians have to travel to get to your property.

Instead, we have calculated our prices according to the size of the room you need to clean. It is best if you call us direct to assess the type and the condition of the carpets which require cleaning at your property.

Our Top Cleaning Methods

Our experience in the industry has shown that the most effective approaches are steam and dry treatment. Our observations are supported by the leading carpet manufacturers.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction – known as “steam cleaning,” this method uses equipment that sprays heated water, as well as chemicals, on the carpet. At the same time, it vacuums up the sprayed water along with the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved. It is widely recommended by most carpet manufacturers as the most efficient method to clean most types of carpet.

  • Recognised as the most efficient method among industry experts.
  • Reduces allergen amounts significantly – good solution for families with little children and pets.
  • All bio-contaminants such as microbes, mites, and bed bugs are destroyed by the heated water.
  • It allows for 100% eco-cleaning for carpets that are not extremely dirty.
  • Air quality is significantly improved after the procedure as the air filtering ability of the textile floor is renewed.
  • We operate high-powered Prochem™ hot water extraction equipment.

Dry Compound Method

Dry Powder Treatment – This method involves spreading a biodegradable cleaning compound evenly over the carpet. It is then brushed or scrubbed into the fibres. The substance attracts dirt and grime, which is vacuumed away, leaving the carpet clean and dry.

  • Suitable for delicate natural fabrics vulnerable to water damage.
  • Little to no moisture is used, which eliminates the need for drying time.
  • Good solutions for cleaning big facilities without the luxury for off-time.
  • No risk of sticky shampoo residue or mould problems.
  • It is a significantly faster method, but the results are not as thorough when compared to hot water extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and dry powder treatment are effective methods for carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction is highly efficient for deep cleaning, as it removes dirt, stains, and allergens from deep within the carpet fibres.

Dry powder treatment, on the other hand, is a quick and convenient method suitable for regular maintenance and surface-level cleaning.

The choice between the two methods depends on factors such as the carpet condition, type of stains, and specific cleaning requirements.

We offer both methods and recommend the most suitable one for optimal results.

Yes, our technicians will move heavy furniture before cleaning carpets. However, we recommend removing fragile items like glassware and porcelain from the room to ensure their safety. Additionally, it’s helpful if you remove small pieces of furniture, such as footstools or paper bins, from the room before our technicians arrive. By doing so, we can efficiently clean your carpets and provide you with the best results.

We can give you some estimates, but the time needed can vary depending on the amount of dirt and stains.

  • Three-bedroom house: About 1.5 hours.
  • Hall, stairs, landing, and lounge: Around 1 hour.
  • Three-piece suite: Approximately 1 hour.

We take pride in using cutting-edge technology, allowing us to work efficiently and deliver fast results.

You can walk on your floors right after carpet cleaning, but please be cautious as the carpets may still be slightly damp. It’s best to wear clean socks or slippers to prevent slipping or transferring moisture. The carpets typically dry completely within 2 to 4 hours, depending on factors like humidity and airflow. For specific guidance, our team will be happy to assist you based on your carpets and conditions.
Yes, our technicians are certified and professionally trained. We prioritise quality and expertise in our carpet cleaning services. Our team undergoes rigorous training to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results. You can trust that our certified technicians will provide the highest level of service and care for your carpets.
No, we do not require a deposit upfront to schedule your carpet cleaning service. We believe in providing a hassle-free experience for our customers. You can simply book an appointment with us and pay for the service after it’s completed to your satisfaction. We strive to make the process convenient and transparent for you.
Yes, we charge for parking and congestion. We require a parking space near your property. If there is free parking or a parking permit available, we would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, we will invoice you for the parking cost determined by the local Councils of the London boroughs. The Congestion Charge is £15 set by TFL (Transport for London), and we will invoice it unless the work is done on weekends. You can check if your property falls within the Congestion Charge zone using the TfL postcode checker page. Our goal is to provide transparency and a smooth service experience for you.
Yes, please vacuum your carpets before our technician arrives. This will ensure that loose dirt and debris are removed, allowing our cleaning process to be more effective.
No, it is not necessary for someone to be present at the property during the cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaning team is trained to work efficiently and can perform the service even if you are not there. We prioritise your convenience and can coordinate the cleaning based on your schedule. Simply provide us with access to the property, and we will take care of the rest.

How To Book Your Service

You can arrange a service with our experts on 020 3390 2157. Our back office team can help with your booking arrangements, answer questions about our cleaning procedures, or tell you more about our affordable carpet cleaning rates in London. When you want your home carpet cleaned by one of the best cleaners around, don’t hesitate to call us!