Before booking a service with a carpet cleaning company, it’s always best to know what service is most suitable for you and what it entails.

We’ve summed up the most popular questions from our customers in London, and we’ve answered them on this page.

Most popular questions about carpet, rugs and upholstery cleaning

  • Do your cleaners use carpet cleaning chemicals?
  • We do, but our London based carpet cleaners have been fully trained and instructed in regards to using carpet cleaning chemicals.
    This means you are safe in the knowledge that only the right chemicals will be used to get the best out of your carpet.
  • Someone in my home is prone to an allergy. Will your cleaning chemicals affect them?
  • If you have someone in your home who has an allergy, we have chemicals that will not affect them.
    Our London carpet cleaning teams only use chemicals that are approved by British Standards. Moreover, all of our chemicals are biodegradable and they remove allergens such as dust mites.
  • Your team has cleaned my carpet. Will it shrink?
  • London Carpet Cleaning LTD has fully qualified cleaners who have been trained and instructed to use the best cleaning chemicals.
    There are times when a carpet is exposed to the risk of shrinking after having been treated but our team always offers free advice to our customers to prevent this from happening.
  • Before having my carpets cleaned, do I need to clear out the room?
  • You don’t have to clear the room before your carpet is due to be cleaned. Our London cleaners teams can do it for you instead.
    It does, however, help if you remove any fragile items such as glassware and porcelain from the room.
    It also helps if you remove all of the small pieces of furniture such as footstools or paper bins that you might have in that room.
  • Will all the stains come out of my carpet?
  • No one can guarantee that every stain can be fully removed from your carpet. However, we have trained our London based carpet cleaning teams to tackle and solve a whole range of carpet stains.
    Our equipment and chemicals are the best, and our London team know exactly what needs to be done to remove stains. They will always keep you up-to-date of all the steps they plan on taking to give you’re the best clean possible.
  • Do you use steam for carpet cleaning and stain removal?
  • Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment is the latest in the industry. What it does it to sprays small moisture particles onto the carpets, giving the appearance of steam.
    Our London based teams use this type of carpet cleaning and stain removal equipment. They are more efficient than older equipment used by some other companies and do a better job than the traditional equipment.
  • Can you remove the black lines that are around the edge of my carpets?
  • From our experience, we can tell that a common problem our London based teams have to deal with are the black lines that form all around the edges of rugs and carpets.
    It’s not something uncommon: London is a very busy capital and Londoners usually walk around with their shoes on; hence black lines start to take shape all around the edges of their carpets.
    Having the black lines removed from around the edges of the carpets is something our London based team are used to tackling and can solve this efficiently and in a professional matter.
  • What happens if one of your London carpet cleaners damages my property?
  • At London Carpet Cleaning LTD, our London based teams are fully qualified and fully insured. This includes both the Public & Treatment Liability insurances, for your peace of mind.
    Our Public and the Treatment Liability insurances helps deal with such issues and it protects both you, our client, and our London staff members against these types of unforeseen financial burdens..
    In the unlikely event of your carpet getting damaged by one of our London based cleaning team members, both you and us are fully covered.