Our Experience In Carpet Cleaning

There are different ways of becoming experienced in the fabric cleaning business, and we follow all the avenues possible to make sure that no one out there will be able to clean better than us.

Firstly, experience comes with time. This means that the longer our technicians stay with us, the better they will be at giving you a top level service.

That is why each member of our team has been with us for a minimum of three years (for trainee technicians), and at least five year (for the experienced or senior levels).

Because of the quality of our work, and of our great family of customers, we have kept each team member with us, and we have invested heavily into their training. That way you, our customer, can be sure that anything and everything new in our business – such as a new type of cleaning equipment, a new technique, or a new range of eco-friendly chemicals – will be made available to you.

Secondly, experience comes with work. The more our team’s members work, the better they will be at what they do.

This means that we had to follow two avenues to get more experience through work: theory and practical training (in-house and at training associations), as well as practical training at real jobs booked by real customers.

The first avenue reflects in our training sessions which each or us attend twice a year (once in the springtime, and then once again in the autumn). This is done in-house by our senior fabric cleaning technicians, and it is also done at training institutions such as the IICRC.

The second avenue to experience through work was for our technicians to go to real world jobs booked by real clients. This started with them assisting the technicians with the equipment and chemicals, it went further to cleaning standard fabrics under the supervision of the senior technicians, and it went even further to cleaning specialist fabrics (velvet, silk, jute, sisal, damask and others) under the string guidance and supervision of our senior technicians.

And lastly, experience in cleaning fabrics comes with variety: the more different the fabrics, the better it will be for our technicians.

We specifically insisted on our technicians to clean different types of fabrics of different conditions (i.e, never cleaned, or last cleaned six months ago) with different types of chemicals.

This went further by our in-house team organising monthly training sessions for each technician to clean standard carpet samples at our office, as well as other type of specialist fabrics in our office facilities.

So it should come as no surprise if you will find two technicians in our office at least once a month work with different chemicals on different types of fabrics trying to remove different types of stains.

This makes all the difference in the world both for our fabric cleaning specialists, for us as a truly professional business, and for you, our client who want to entrust us with your cleaning needs.

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