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London Carpet Cleaning LTD always aims to provide you the best ratio between price and quality. With us you get  the most value for your money.

How much does carpet cleaning cost? Have a look at our prices below:

Carpet Cleaning Prices List

small carpets

We do a great carpet cleaning work, and we have excellent results every single time.

For years, we’ve been providing quality carpet cleaning care for our customers all over London.

It is one of the things we do best, and we guarantee that you would get quality results, every single time.

Interested in finding out how much it costs for carpet cleaning a single bedroom?

London Carpet Cleaning LTD offers some of the most competitive prices in London, custom made for all our clients within the M5 ring.

Have a look at our carpet cleaning prices list.

Ever wondered how much it costs for carpet cleaning in and around London?

Wonder no more: here are the prices we charge for our work, in your area.

Since we are local to the area you live in, as we cover all the M25 region, we do not charge based on the distance our technicians have to travel to get to your property.

Instead, we have calculated our prices according to the size of the room you need to clean. It is best if you call us direct to assess the type and the condition of the carpets which require cleaning at your property.

We clean carpets forArea sizeOriginal priceYou pay only
Single Bedroom7 ft x 7 ft (max. area)£40.00£20.00
Double Bedroom10 ft X 8 ft (max. area)£50.00£25.00
Living / Dining / Lounge12 ft X 10 ft (max. area)£70.00£35.00
Through Lounge16 ft X 12 ft (max. area)£90.00£45.00
Stepsper step£3.50£1.75
Landing / Hallway--£20.00£10.00

Note: Our minimum call-out charge is £45.00

Upholstery Cleaning Prices List

small sofa

We deep steam clean all types of upholstery.

When it comes to deep steam cleaning upholstery, you can rely on us for a great service at an excellent price.

We clean all types of upholstery items, from sofas and armchairs to curtains, blinds and mattresses.

And, our prices are highly competitive for our industry, giving you the best service possible at a great return on your investment.

For more details on how much we usually charge, have a look at our prices for cleaning upholstery list.

Ever wanted to find out how much it costs to clean upholstery in London?

Some factors which have a great impact on the price you’re quoted for cleaning upholstery are: the type of fabric involved, the age of the item, and if it has any particular stains which may require extra special attention.

Have a look at our prices for cleaning sofas, mattresses, armchairs, curtains and all other type of upholstery item you may require.

And remember, our prices are not calculated depending on the London area you live in, instead, they are calculated on the size of the item you need to have us clean.

Upholstery to be cleanedNotesRegular priceYou pay only
Dining Chair--£13.00£6.50
Two Seated Sofa--£70.00£35.00
Three Seated Sofa--£80.00£40.00
Short Pair of Curtains--£60.00£30.00
Full Length Pair of Curtains--£80.00£40.00
Single Mattress--£35.00£17.50
Double Mattress--£45.00£22.50

Note: Our minimum call-out charge is £45

Rugs Cleaning Prices List

small rugs

We clean rugs of all fabrics, age and sizes.

We clean all types of rugs, from Persian and Azerbaijani to Indian, South American and Asian.

Depending on their size, age and fabric, we can give you a custom quote which guarantees an excellent result and a longer life for your rug.


Also, we can either clean them at your property or, if and when it suits you best, at our depots.

For more details on how much we charge for this service, see our prices for rug cleaning.

Have you ever asked around for how much it costs to clean a rug in London?

Well, here is our answer to your question: if done properly and local to you – as we do – it is one of the best investments you can make.

We calculate our prices not based on the area you live in – as we are local to all M25 areas – instead, they are calculated depending on the size of the rug you need cleaned.

And remember, we can either clean them at your property or at our depots in London, so you can choose the option which suits you best.

ServiceRug sizeOriginal priceYou pay only
Rug (small)4 ft X 6 ft (max. area)£40.00£20.00
Rug (large)6 ft X 8 ft (max. area)£70.00£35.00

Stain Removal Prices List

stains on fabric

We can remove a large number of stains of all ages, sizes and nature.

Removing stains and spots from fabrics is a difficult task to tackle. Sometimes, when not done correctly, it can further damage the fabric they’re on.

That’s why it’s best to call us and assess the situation, instead of trying to remove them yourself with a harmful chemical such as bleach.

And since we have a great rate of success with removing stains, we charge a decent price for this professional service.

See for yourself on our prices for stain removal list.

Have you ever had a stain on your carpet or sofa which you really couldn’t get rid of?

Well, rest assured that we will have it removed for you.

With an excellent stain removal success rate, and with our experience in the industry, we’re confident we’ll do the best job possible to remove stains from any type of fabric you may require.

Our technicians use over 30 different types of chemicals – all approved to British Standards – to remove stains from rugs, carpets and upholstery all over London.

Whilst we don’t have fixed price for this service – as no two stains are alike and their age and the type of fabric they’re on influences the result – it’s best to call us beforehand for free stain removal advice and to properly assess the damage, so call us friendly teams today!

Prices for Other Cleaning Services

End of tenancy cleaning

other offers: end of tenancy

Our end of tenancy cleaning service is offered at a very competitive price to home and business customers within the M25 ring.

If you’re interested in a very competitive cleaning package, our end of tenancy service is the perfect fit for you.

Provided to home and business customers from all the Greater London areas, it guarantees that you get several of our services, at a cheaper price than individually.

For more details, simply call us or have a look at our very competitive end of tenancy cleaning prices list.

Did you know that London has the biggest prices for end of tenancy cleaning?


It should come as no surprise, as end of tenancy is one of the costliest periods, in time and money invested, in a landlord’s life.

Done properly and thoroughly, as we do, gives you the advantage of time and of a very convenient price for you, regardless of the area where your property is located.

We do not charge based on the post code of your property, as long as it is within the M25 area. Instead, we charge based on the overall size of your property, as you can see from the following table:

ServiceSpecial notesRegular priceYou now pay only
Studio Flat--£150.00£75.00
One Bedroom Flat--£200.00£100.00
Two Bedroom Flat--£250.00£125.00
Three Bedroom Flat--£250.00£125.00
One Bedroom House--£240.00£120.00
Two Bedroom House--£280.00£140.00
Three Bedroom House--£300.00£150.00
Four / Five Bedroom House--£350.00£175.00

As expected, you get the same level of quality and professional service, done by a carpet technician local to your area.