person hoovering a wooden floor

4 Tips to Make Home Cleaning Easier


Date Posted:

August 1, 2014

Let’s face it – a lot of us try to avoid cleaning our home because the task simply takes too much of our time.  However, if you plan everything carefully and clean your place systematically, you will manage to deal with this task, without investing too much time and efforts. Have a look at the tips below and discover how to clean up your home effectively.

Make a Cleaning Supply Kit

One of the general reasons why home cleaning is time-consuming is that we waste too much precious time to get all the cleaning tools and products we need from the places we store them. If you are carrying all the supplies with you, while you are doing your chores this will definitely shorten the cleaning process. You can turn an ordinary apron into a handy supply kit by sewing deep, large pockets or use an old shopping bag or basket. In your supply kit, you can carry glass-cleaning solution, dusting spray, rags and other things you need.

person hoovering a wooden floor

Invest in Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

You use a vacuum cleaner for many cleaning tasks around your home. If you want clean everything faster it is a good idea to buy modern and qualitative equipment. When getting a vacuum cleaner, you have to make sure that it is powerful enough to work equally well on bare floor, as well as on rugs. It is easy to clean your hard floor with a broom and a dustpan, but you can never extract the dirt from your carpet without a good vacuum cleaner. A powerful vacuum with a set of different nozzles can also be very handy for extracting dirt and dust from hard to reach places.

cleaning products and small wipe towels

Repurpose Old Cotton Socks or Gloves

A pair of old cotton socks or gloves can be excellent tools for cleaning. They will make ultra-handy dusting rags. Put them on your hands and dust fast and easy your furnishings, bookshelves, and library. If you need to polish the wooden furniture just apply the cleaning product on the fabric and wipe the surface with circular motions. This is the greatest method for dusting any kind of furniture, as well as for cleaning windows and other glass surfaces because there won’t be fingermarks left after you finish.

Call Professionals for the Hardest Tasks

It is hard to have a full time job and perfectly cleaned house at the same time. After all – you’re not a robot, but human being and even if you are some kind of polyvalent superhero, there’s no need to do everything by yourself. You can do the easier chores like regular vacuuming, cleaning the dust and washing the dishes, but when it comes to time-consuming tasks like furniture and deep carpet cleaning it is better to call a local professional cleaning company. Nowadays there are plenty of cleaning companies so you can even have your whole house cleaned for reasonable price.

Cleaning routine can be done fast and efficient if you help yourself in advance preparing the appropriate equipment and cleaning products and do it systematically.