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Carpet Cleaning Prices


Date Posted:

July 18, 2014

When it comes to refreshing their home carpets people often don’t know how much does carpet cleaning cost. In this post we will try to point the main steps of the process called carpet cleaning or shampooing and give you information about average prices for this service.

Average Prices

It is quite difficult to give you an average price for this service in London, as there are lots of companies and therefore – lots of different tariffs. Many people still prefer carpets over wood flooring or tiles and there are companies that specialise in this service. The most common method is charging per size or type of the room, where the carpet is – living are, bedroom, lounge etc. Often the price is based on the average size of the room.

small toy house and calculator on bank notes

It is common to pay £25 to £55 for a double bedroom, but some carpet cleaning companies offer even cheaper prices than this. You can use our pricing list as a guideline when comparing tariffs.

We clean carpets forArea sizeOld PriceYou pay only
Single Bedroom7 ft x 7 ft (max. area)£60.00from £30.00
Double Bedroom10 ft x 8 ft (max. area)£70.00from £35.00
Living / Dining / Lounge14 ft x 12 ft (max. area)£80.00from £40.00
Through Lounge16 ft X 12 ft (max. area)£140.00from £70.00
Stepsper step£6 per stepfrom £2.70 per step
Bathroom£50.00from £25.00
Landing / Hallway10 ft x 8 ft (max. area)£40.00from £20.00

The Carpet Cleaning Process

The most common carpet cleaning method follows these 5 basic steps:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Spraying hot cleaning solution onto the flooring from a dedicated sprayer
  3. Agitating the carpets
  4. Rinsing the carpet and extracting the solution
  5. Grooming carpet with brush to set its pile in one direction

Make sure the company you choose uses high quality cleaning machines.

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As Conclusion

Higher price isn’t always a good indication for higher quality of the service. When you are comparing companies and prices for carpet cleaning you should check their website as well as ask the following questions:

  1. Is it a professional carpet cleaning company? You don’t need carpet cleaners who aren’t professional in their methods and approach. They usually don’t have the experience, products or equipment to do a professional end of tenancy cleaning, for example.
  2. Does the company have positive customer reviews? Look for testimonials on their website on ask your friends.
  3. Are the carpet cleaners certified and fully insured? Make sure you ask to see a liability insurance certificate.
  4. Do carpet cleaning company’s prices include VAT? Some services don’t include VAT and the price you see on their websites isn’t the price you actually get. They may not be registered for VAT so ask to make sure.

If you’re having your whole house cleaned the cost can reach hundreds of pounds, but many companies do reasonable discounts. Make a thorough research and call the company you have chosen. Even a short conversation about their experience and how they will proceed with the carpet cleaning will often highlight eventual problems. Most reputable carpet cleaners will have testimonials from independent third party sites.