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Carpet Cleaning: Why Hiring a Professional is Better than Renting a Machine


Date Posted:

April 17, 2023

Carpet in your home is exposed to dirt, dust, and debris, which makes it look grimy and dull. However, when it comes to cleaning the carpet, people are often confused between hiring professionals and renting a machine.

Even though renting a machine might seem a budget-friendly option, it doesn’t provide you with some essential benefits you get from hiring reliable carpet cleaning services.

Top Reasons Why Hiring a Professional is better than Renting a Machine

1. They are Experienced

Not every carpet is of the same type. Different carpet types require different cleaning methods. When you hire cleaning experts, you get the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Cleaning technicians know the best ways to clean different types of carpets, and they can provide you with desired cleaning results that you might not get when you rent a machine.

2. Ensures Deep Cleaning

Carpet cleaning machines available for rent are not as effective as machines used by cleaning companies. An average rental carpet cleaning machine costs between £300- £500 whereas commercial cleaning equipment costs £5000 – £7000.

From this, you can compare the quality of cleaning. Professionals thoroughly remove the accumulated dirt and grime trapped deep inside your carpet fibres. While rented machines only clean the upper surface area.

3. It is Cost-Effective

When you think of renting a machine, it will cost you around £40- £45. But you will also have to spend on other supplies like cleaning solution, which has an average cost of £15 -£20 per room. That means you have to spend around £55 – £60 when you rent a machine.

But cleaning effects from a rented machine do not last as long as cleaning from experienced cleaners. So you have to rent the cleaner more frequently to maintain a clean carpet; which will cost more in the long run.

4. No Chance of Damage

There is no guarantee that the machine you rented is working correctly. A faulty cleaning machine or the use of harsh and improper cleaning supplies can lead to significant damage to your carpet.

But when you hire experts, you can rest assured of the cleaning results without worrying about any damage. They take care of your carpet while ensuring deep cleaning.

5. Less Drying Time

Another major benefit of hiring carpet cleaning technicians is the reduced drying time. When you rent a machine, it doesn’t effectively remove the water from your carpet, making it take up to 2-3 days to fully dry after cleaning.

On the other hand, carpet cleaning by professionals removes 95% of excess moisture along with dirt and grime. It takes just 3-4 hours to dry your carpet after cleaning.

Bottom Line

Even though you hire the best quality machine for cleaning your carpet, you are not likely to get the desired results because it is not something that we do regularly. So when it comes to deep cleaning, you must invest in professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year.

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