gloved hand wiping away a red stain

Easy and Efficient Way to Clean Stains From Your Carpet


Date Posted:

July 9, 2014

legs with socks on a white carpet

If you want to preserve your carpets at home in good shape and prolong their life you need to take proper care f them. Regular vacuuming is a must, as well as cleaning and removing food stains and spills from the rugs, preferably – right after they occur. Of course, the best you can do is to try to prevent stains as much as possible – you can put door matts to prevent mud stains for example. But no matter how careful you are accidents happen and it is better if you know what to do to avoid permanent stain on you carpet.

Common Mistakes When Dealing with Stains

  • A lot of people over-soak the affected area with water and cleaning solutions. This will make the small stain bigger and sometimes even harder to remove
  • Do not rub the spot. This will damage the texture of your carpet’s fibres and will make cleaning even more difficult.
  • Never wet a dry soil stain on your carpet. Instead, run a vacuum over the spot and make sure to extract as much of the dirt as possible.
brown stains on a cream carpet

The Easy Way to Clean Stains from Your Carpet

gloved hand wiping away a red stain

There’s no need to panic when dealing with food and beverage spills on your carpet. They are inevitable if you have small children or after having guests at home. Follow these simple steps to remove the stains from your carpet easily. However you should know that the sooner you treat the spot the bigger chance to avoid having a permanent stain on your rug.

  • Step 1: Remove as much of the excessive dirt from the spot as possible. If the spill has already dried up, vacuum the place to extract as much of the dirt as you can. If the stain is semi-solid, scrape it with a spoon or a dull knife. If it is wet, blot gently with a clean, dry clout.
  • Step 2: After that, blot the affected area with cold water until you take out the dirt. Blot until dry with another clean cloth.
  • Step 3: Make thick foam from half a teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap and a cup of tepid water. Just make sure to test the cleaning solution onto an inconspicuous area first to see if there is no harmful reaction with the carpet’s fibres. If everything looks ok you can continue. Apply the soap foam onto the stain with a sponge or a clean cloth with circular motion. Start from the edges of the spot and continue to its centre. If you start from the centre you risk spreading it.
  • Step 4: Blot the area with cool water to rinse. In the end, blot with clean towel to dry the spot.

From chocolate ice cream and coffee to gravy and wine, most beverage and food spills can be cleaned if you follow these steps. However if the stain is too tough or dry, it is better to hire a professional cleaning company.