Easy Ways to Hide Carpet Stains Until Professionals Arrive

Easy Ways to Hide Carpet Stains Until Professionals Arrive


Date Posted:

August 10, 2023

Imagine you are about to host a get-together in a few hours in your home in London. And suddenly, something spills on your spotless carpet, causing a stain that is enough to create a bad impression in front of your guests.

Well, you can contact London Carpet Cleaning Ltd anytime, there comes a situation when it is more important to hide the stain than to clean it. So if you’ve got into such a situation, here are some easy yet helpful ways to hide the stains until professionals arrive.

How To Hide Carpet Stains Until Getting Them Cleaned?

1. Act fast

The key to tackling an emergency like this is to act quickly rather than just panicking about what happened. Immediately grab a clean cloth or paper towel and gently start bloating the stained areas.

However, even if you are in a hurry, never rub the stain vigorously. It is a cleaning mistake that can spread the stain further and push it deep inside the carpet. Gently blot the stain as much as possible and remove the excess moisture.

2. Dab with a damp cloth

Mix one tablespoon of gentle liquid dish soap with two cups of warm water. Dampen a rag in this mixture and gently dab it on the stain. Repeat this process if required. The damp rag will absorb the stain from your carpet and make it less visible.

However, this will only remove the stain from the carpet surface. You need to invest in professional carpet cleaning to remove the stain from deep inside your carpet fibres.

3. Mask odours with baking soda

If the stain also has a stinky smell, you can eliminate it using baking soda. It is a natural deodoriser that also helps in removing stains. Pour an adequate amount of baking soda evenly on the stained area and let it untouched for 3-4 hours.

Moreover, keep it covered overnight if possible. Then vacuum the excess baking soda powder, and you will get a fresh-smelling space.

4. Use club soda for wine stains

Red wine stains are the worst, especially for light-coloured carpets. Club soda is the best way to get rid of wine stains. First, gently blot the excess liquid as much as possible.

Then pour some club soda directly on the stain. The club soda will make the stain light and less noticeable. Then soak the excess soda with paper towels and leave the carpet to dry.

5. Remove melted wax with an iron

There is a possibility that melted wax from your scented candles stained your carpet. In such cases, you can start by scraping the wax using a butter knife or a coin. Remove as much wax as you can.

Then damp a clean cloth and put it over the wax stain. Heat your iron to a moderate temperature and put it over the cloth for 8-10 seconds. You can increase the time and temperature but be careful. The wax will melt and will be drawn to the cloth.

6. Rearrange the furniture

If you are too late to try all these remedies, you can hide the stains by rearranging the furniture. If food or drink spills on the carpet, remove the mess as much as possible. Then cover the stain with a small table or any other piece of furniture.

7. Hire us if you’ve got a few hours

There is still a chance to make your carpet spotless with us if you’ve got a few hours. At London Carpet Cleaning Ltd, we provide excellent stain removal services in London and surrounding areas. We operate 7 days/week and are available on short notice. So if you have a few hours left before the guests arrive, give us a call and our team will be there to help you.