The Fear of Germs


Date Posted:

April 10, 2015

Somehow we have become prisoners of our own homes constantly cleaning them and disinfecting whatever we lay eyes upon. I really can’t understand this fear, of course it is important to clean the house and I also do it but some people are obsessed with eliminating all bacteria in their homes which is impossible of course. Back in the days when I was a little girl and played with my brother in the back yard and as my mother has told me I was ‘eating’ soil and nothing has happened to me.

Of course I will try to prevent my son form doing the same thing but you know children they tend to put everything in their mouths and this is how the immune system is build. Have you wondered why we get ill so often and why the pills don’t work any more? The answer is really simple, our immune system needs practice.

In many cases the detergents used to clean your home carpets are worse for your health than the dust and dirt accumulated on it, so try to keep the balance and use green cleaners which do not leave a toxic footprint. Just keep in mind that many rug cleaners in Sutton do offer eco-friendly cleaning treatments.

Dirty Things We Constantly Use

When we talk about germs there are two things you need to know where are they and how to eliminate them. You know the usual places: the sink, toilet, garbage disposal, carpets, flooring, sofa but there are some which we don’t think about nut we should. First on the list is the smart phone – there are few people who don’t have these and we constantly use them. Unfortunately they’re extremely dirty – five hundred times dirtier than the toilet and you touch them all the time.

How many of you work on a computer? And how many of you clean their mouse and keyboard every day? Well if you’re one of the many who doesn’t I suggest you start right away because it is proven that the keyboard contains five times more bacteria in comparison to the toilet seat. All you need are wet wipes with alcohol and remember to wash your hands frequently. Forget about the snacks in front of the computer and make sure you pay attention to the desk as well.

Keeping your home and work space clean and tidy is important but sometimes we just don’t have the time. At work we have to meet deadlines and by the time we get back home all we can think about is how to go to bed. Therefore, it is always best to use professionals to make my house look sparkling clean.