Follow These Easy Tips By London Experts to Get Paint Out of Carpet

Follow These Easy Tips By London Experts to Get Paint Out of Carpet


Date Posted:

September 26, 2023

If you’ve spilt paint on your carpet during a DIY home improvement project, this blog is for you. Our experts at London Carpet Cleaning LTD, have discussed some general tips to remove paint out of your carpets. So don’t freak out and follow the given steps carefully.

Before You Start

  • Act quickly. The earlier you start the easier it will become to remove the stain.
  • Collect Required Items:
    – Putty knife/butter knife/spoon
    – Warm water
    – Liquid dish soap (without bleach)
    – Paint thinner
    – Spray bottle
    – Clean white clothes that you don’t use
  • Wear gloves and a mask.
  • Keep windows open while working with paint thinners.

Tips To Remove Water-Based Paint

Water-based stains are generally used for painting projects like walls, doors, cabinets, and windows. This type of paint is easy to tackle. Follow the tips to remove water-based paint from your carpet.

1. Scrape and blot the paint

First of all, scrape off the excess paint from your carpet using a putty knife or a utensil with a dull surface. Next, you have to blot as much paint as you can. Use a white cloth and gently dab it to blot the excess paint.

2. Spray with warm water

If the paint is dry, fill a bottle with warm water and spay it to the affected area. It will break down the paint and make it easy to remove. But make sure not to spray excess water as it can spread the stain.

3. Apply cleaning solution

Once the excess paint is removed, mix liquid detergent (without bleach) and warm water in a bowl or similar utensil. Soak a clean white cloth in this solution, wring it, and gently blot the stained area.

The water and detergent solution will work on the paint and effectively remove it. For tough stains, you might require a store-bought carpet cleaner. But while using either, make sure to spot-test on a hidden area.

4. Rinse with warm water

Spray some warm water on the area and blot it to remove the remaining paint and the residue of the cleaning solution. Do not over-wet the area as it can lead to mould growth.

Repeat these steps until the paint is completely removed.

Tips To Remove Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paints are more difficult to remove because of their strong chemical bond. They are generally used for prevention from external conditions like rusting. Here are the tips to remove oil-based paints from your carpets.

1. Scrape and blot the paint

Remove as much paint as you can using a putty knife or plastic scraper. Gently lift the paint without pushing it deep inside the carpet fibres. Once done, blot it with a clean white cloth. Blot gently, don’t rub.

2. Apply steam to the dried paint

If the paint is dried, you will need a steam cleaner. Apply the steam directly to the affected area to break down and soften the paint. Then scrape off the paint. You can use a butter knife or a similar blunt object to remove chunks of dried paint.

3. Dab the area with paint thinner

Once you remove the excess paint, wet a cloth with suitable paint thinner and gently dab it on the stained area, starting from the edges. Apply the thinner carefully without spreading the paint further.

Note: Always use a mask and gloves when using paint thinners. Also, spot-test the thinner on a hidden area before using it directly.

4. Blot the area

As the thinner starts working on the paint, you have to blot it with a clean cloth. Keep blotting until the paint is completely removed from your carpet. Do not forget to change the cloth if required.

5. Clean with water and soap mixture

Mix liquid detergent (without bleach) and warm water in a bowl. Dampen a clean cloth or sponge into this solution and dab on the stained area. Then use another dry cloth to blot the excess moisture. Repeat this process until the stain vanishes completely.

Let Our Experts Handle The Mess

Removing Paint from the carpet can be a challenging task. So if these tips don’t help, you can always hire our experts to get the job done for you. At London Carpet Cleaning Ltd, we have years of experience in tackling different types of carpet issues including paint.

With deep cleaning techniques and advanced tools, we can effectively remove the paint stain from your carpet. Give us a call today!

Important Note: These are general DIY tips and do not work the same for all carpet types. We always recommend spot-testing the cleaning solutions and techniques on a not-so-visible area. London Carpet Cleaning Ltd won’t be accountable for any damage due to these cleaning methods.