candle wax stains are stubborn

How to remove candle wax from your carpets, rugs and sofas?


Date Posted:

November 5, 2021

We have all tried to create some natural warm lighting using candles while unwinding in front of the television on a Friday night. When moving around and getting comfier, knocking over your candles can seem like the end of the world. Accidents happen, and that’s okay! At London Carpet Cleaning, we understand. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a simple method and some skilled tips to assist you remove your waxy, oil-based stain.

A gentle reminder: If you have any questions about any of our procedures or methods, or if you need help cleaning candle wax from your carpet, rug, or sofa, call us at 0203 390 2157 and we’ll be more than happy walk you through the process step by step.

Candle wax isn’t difficult to remove from carpeting if you take your time and know what you’re doing. Resist the impulse to clean up the hot wax as soon as it spills; you’ll just wind up spreading it about and making a bigger mess. Allow it to solidify entirely before attempting to confine it to its former size.

TIP 1: If you would like to speed up the hardening place a few ice cubes in a gallon-sized container or a plastic lunch baggie (whichever will cover the spilled wax). This will convert the molten wax into a solid and make it slightly brittle in about 5 minutes. It will be easy to remove in parts as a result of this.

TIP 2: Make sure you don’t merely take the wax out of your upholstery over and again, since this might harm the fibres. Using a dull knife and your fingertips, carefully remove the wax.

What you will need?

  • A Ziploc bag of ice cubes
  • Parchment paper – if you do not have parchment paper try using a paper towel
  • A hairdryer or iron
  • A very blunt butter knife
  • A damp towel or cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol (for coloured candles)

Method 1 – Using an iron:

Before attempting to remove the wax, use your fingertips or a blunt butter knife to remove large lumps that are easy to handle.

  • Place a moist towel that is large enough to cover the stain fully so that the iron’s heat does not touch the carpet, couch or rug directly due to the fact that it might harm the fibres within the textiles.
  • To remove the wax , put the iron to a medium setting, place it on the moist cloth, and move it over the stain.
  • If you can see that there is still some wax, repeat the process, making sure you switch to a fresh part of the damp cloth. (remoisten the cloth if needed)

Method 2- Using a hairdryer:

  • Scrape as much wax as you can off the carpet, rug, or sofa using the point of a butter knife once the wax has solidified. While doing so, be cautious not to cut or damage the fibres in your fabrics.
  • With your vacuum cleaner, remove all of the scraped-off pieces of wax.
  • If there is still wax on your carpet that is tough to scrape off, put the knife away and spread parchment paper on top of the stain.
  • With your hair dryer on a medium to high setting, heat the parchment paper and the wax below it. When the parchment paper starts to absorb the wax stain, rotate it so that the wax is always covered by a clean region.
  • Carrying on doing this until all of the wax has been removed from the carpet. If the candle wax that melted on your carpet was coloured, wipe the damaged areas with rubbing alcohol moistened cloth until the colour is gone.
  • Lastly, vacuum the wax-stained area to verify that all traces of the stain is gone.

TIP 3: Start blotting with the rubbing alcohol from the centre of the dyed wax stain, since this will prevent the stain from becoming larger while being wiped.

TIP 4: At London Carpet Cleaning we highly advise that you test the rubbing alcohol on an unnoticed part of the carpet, such as a corner of the room or a residual bit of carpet after it has been installed. This guarantees that any reactions that may occur inside the fibres of your textiles are known before using it to remove the stain.

Note: Despite our methods being highly efficient and rewarding, we recommend that one of our well trained technicians at London Carpet Cleaning remove candle wax stains from fine materials like velvet and swede. Since any liquids that come into contact with such materials would leave an unnecessary residue or watermark, they can only removed using a dry cleaning method.

Can’t seem to get it out?

It’s fine if you can’t get it out! This just means that one of our skilled professionals may need to replenish your carpet. After our team of experienced carpet cleaners and technicians are done with your stain, your upholstery will be fresh and immaculate. We provide more than simply physical help and services; we are happy to provide any free advice or recommendations. Only a few businesses are capable of removing stubborn stains and substances from your textiles without causing damage to the carpet. Therefore as result, if we can’t get rid of candle wax remnants or stains, no other company can do the job. You may rest easy knowing that London Carpet Cleaning UK will take care of everything.
Our treatments are considerably more effective than those available on the market since they are intended to interact with both the stains and the carpet. We extract it as soon as possible after application and remove the stain without damaging the carpet’s texture or colour. For further information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 0203 390 2157.