Protect Nature – Go Green


Date Posted:

March 15, 2015

Most people have no idea what we do to out planet every second of every day, how we constantly pollute and destroy the only thing we can’t live without – nature. Not many people think about how our planet can live without us, but if we continue to devour the ecosystems and exterminate different species pretty soon we’ll end up living in a desert. I suppose you have no idea how much dirt, and chemicals are thrown every day, the numbers are really frighting.

We Pollute While We Clean

The worst thing is even when we try to clean we pollute the planet even more, do you have any idea ho much chemicals are there in the commercial cleaning solutions? Of course you don’t nor you think about it, but maybe it is time. Just before you think I’m radical or in a sect let me tell you, I don’t grow my own food nor I have an electric car, but I try my best to minimize the damage I cause to nature.

Here are some things you can also do, they won’t take much of your time or make your life harder. There are three basic principles of green living: reuse, reduce and recycle, if you try to apply them in your everyday life you can make a difference. The first thing you can do is reduce the water you use – the resources are limited as you well know so it is important to preserve this vital to our survival recourse.

Water – the Seed of Life

Preserving water is not so hard, all you have to do is change your habits a little. For example when you brush your teeth turn the water off. It is estimated that you waste around 2 gallons every time you don’t turn the tap off. You can do the maths and calculate the amount of water you waste every year, a lot isn’t it? The same applies when you wash the dishes, your hands and take a bath so think about it.

Time for some reusing and recycling, almost everything around the house can be recycled – old magazines, useless mail, plastic bottles and bags, light bulbs etc. All you need to do is spend some time organizing your garbage. While you’re lining green and help to preserve nature you can also save some money. A bright example is reducing the amount of electricity you use, just switch the lights off when you leave the room.

Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Home

Another thing you can do is redecorate your home using environmental friendly materials such as bamboo mats. Remove as much synthetic objects as you can and look for furniture made form recycled materials. My opinion is that everything made form natural materials looks better and is easier to clean and maintain. Talking about cleaning there are some things you can change here too, that way you’ll not only help the environment but also your health.

There are really many toxic chemicals which are potentially dangerous for your pets and children and can cause allergies even asthma. Some liquid dish-washing detergents can even kill a cockroach, the most endurable creature on the planet. So next time you go to the market and buy a cleaning solution make sure to check the label for any toxic chemicals. And if you see a sign ‘trade secret’ just walk away, because in most cases this is the way companies hide the chemicals in the cleaning products.

The best way to ensure there are no chemicals in the cleaning solutions you use is to make them by yourself. There are plenty of recipes over the Internet which are fast and easy to make. Moreover they work as good as most commercial cleaners and will save you money. And if you don’t have the time make sure to hire a Harrow cleaning company using green agents.