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When to Clean Your Carpets


Date Posted:

October 10, 2019

You wouldn’t wear your clothes for years on end without washing them, and you shouldn’t let your carpets (or upholstery) go for that long without a clean, either. Though with carpets you can enjoy longer stretches of time before it’s time to clean, it is a mistake to assume you will never need to.

Knowing when to clean your carpets and when to bring in a professional is a great life skill and an essential part of any big spring clean.

Immediately After a Spill

The best time to clean up a spill is immediately after a spill. Get plenty of towels or paper towels and blot at the stain to absorb and remove as much of the stain as possible. Blotting, rather than rubbing, is crucial here as you could risk spreading the stain further.

How to Spot Clean

Once you have blotted the stain as dry as you can look up the stain solution online. Some work best with white vinegar mixtures, others with baking soda. Knowing what steps are best is key.

Note: This works only for small stains. Always spot-test in advance. If the stain is large or not coming out, then hiring professional cleaners is your next step.

Your Allergies Are Acting Up

Another indicator that it is time to hire a professional deep clean for your carpets is if your allergies are acting up. Damp carpets can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, which often irritates allergies first.

The Colour is Dull or It Looks Dirty

If your carpet is darker than it should be, especially near high-traffic areas, then it is time for a deep clean. Dirt, grime, and oil build up over time and fester within carpet fibres. Hoovering won’t be enough; you’ll need to get down to the core of the issue.

It Hasn’t Been Cleaned in a Year

Generally speaking, you should get your carpets professionally deep cleaned at least once a year. This will prolong their life and keep them looking and feeling fresh.

Cleaning Services Available

Stain Removal

If the stain is big, too unruly, or your own efforts have not worked out, then hire professionals that have specialty supplies for the job.

Carpet Clean

Generally speaking, you will want to get hot water extraction treatment for your carpets. Unlike other methods like shampooing or steam cleaning, hot water extraction cleans your carpets deeply.

Problems That Cannot Be Cleaned

Even with professional intervention there are some problems that cannot be fixed:

  1. There Are Permanent Stains (i.e., bleach, tea, wine, etc.)
  2. It Is Worn Down and Haggard
  3. No Amount of Cleaning Makes it Smell Fresh
  4. The Padding Under the Carpet is Worn Thin
  5. It is Older Than 10 Years

If your carpet suffers from any of these situations, it is time to consider getting new floors installed. Work to protect these carpets in the future by treating stains immediately, hoovering regularly, and getting a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year.