Reasons Why Vacuuming Isn’t Enough for Cleaning Carpets


Date Posted:

June 26, 2023

Carpet cleaning is one of the common chores that is essential to keep our home clean and free from harmful contaminants. But many homeowners often think that vacuuming is sufficient to keep their carpets clean.

Even though vacuuming is an effective way of maintaining your carpets, it is not enough for keeping them clean. Vacuum cleaners are designed to extract dirt from carpet but can’t clean your carpet thoroughly.

In this blog, we have explained several reasons why vacuuming is not enough for keeping your carpets clean.

5 Reasons Why Your Carpets Need More Than Just a Vacuum

1. The dirt accumulates deep inside your carpet

We already know that carpet is exposed to a massive amount of dirt and grime particles. But eventually, these particles are pushed deep inside the carpet fibres because of constant use and high foot traffic.

No matter how thoroughly you vacuum your carpet, the deep-seated dirt and grime remain unaffected. Even if you use a high-power vacuum with a specialised attachment, it will only clean the surface dust and debris.

2. Stains remain unaffected

Stains and spills are common factors that are responsible for affecting the appearance of your carpet. However, vacuuming can only help you clean the surface dirt; it can’t remove the stains and spots on your carpet.

It happens because stains and spills get mixed with the carpet fibres and require special care and cleaning agents. You must perform the stain treatment or invest in professional carpet cleaning to get rid of such stains.

3. It does not eliminate mould

Mould and mildew growth in carpets is quite common in London homes. This fungus causes due to excess humidity or moisture. It not only affects the appearance of your carpet but also leads to severe health issues.

Vacuuming can’t eliminate the mould from your carpet. It might remove the loose mould spores but is not sufficient for complete removal. It requires thorough cleaning and proper disinfection to clean from its root.

4. It can’t remove germs & allergens

Carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens like pet hair, dander, dead skin cells, etc. And a carpet is only said to be cleaned when it is free from such contaminants.

Simply vacuuming can’t remove these germs, bacteria, and allergens from your carpet because they get trapped deep inside the carpet fibres. It requires deep cleaning processes like hot water extraction to eliminate such contaminants from your carpet.

5. It does not eradicate the smells

Your carpet might look clean from the outside but it contains several odour-causing contaminants like soil, food particles, pet hairs, etc that create musty, unpleasant smells and affect the ambience of your home.

Mere vacuuming won’t remove such unwanted smells. Your carpets require thorough cleaning and deodorising that will eliminate the odour-casing contaminants from your carpet and ensure clean and fresh carpets.

Summing Up

The bottom line is vacuuming your carpet won’t provide you with clean carpets. The deep-seated dirt, tough stains, musty smell, and mould growth can only be prevented with the help of thorough carpet cleaning.

It doesn’t mean vacuuming is worthless. Vacuuming your carpet helps keep the surface dirt and debris away and prevents it from getting deep inside carpet fibres. Therefore you must vacuum your carpet regularly.

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