Stain Removal Advice

It’s happened to the best of us. A slip, a trip, a fall, and suddenly the item we were holding is splattered across the floor. If we’re lucky, it’s an easy fix, not so lucky if it was a glass of red wine on [...]

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When to Clean Your Carpets

You wouldn’t wear your clothes for years on end without washing them, and you shouldn’t let your carpets (or upholstery) go for that long without a clean, either. Though with carpets you can enjoy longer stretches of time before it’s time to clean, it [...]

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Why DIY Carpet Cleaning is Risky

Why pay someone to do something when you can do it yourself? That is the attitude of many DIYers, and in some cases, it works out for them perfectly. If you have the skills and ability, then doing it yourself is a smart way [...]

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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Knowing the right terminology is key when hiring services. It’s how you will get the results you are looking for, and how you will find the perfect providers for your budget and location. This is true for all industries, but some are certainly more [...]

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5 Things to Clean Before Moving Out of Rental Property

If you want to get your deposit back from your landlord you must leave the rental property in impeccable condition. You will need to deep clean the place and even – to make a few small renovations. Here is a list of [...]

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How to Clean and Maintain Leather Sofa to Prolong its Life?

Leather furniture is a beautiful and comfortable addition to any home. Leather upholstery is also practical and durable, because when it’s well cleaned and maintained this kind of furniture ages nobly and beautifully. Check the tips below to learn how to take proper [...]

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3 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Beautiful Carpet Clean

All carpets look great when we buy them. But over time they tend to get a shabby worn out look, loosing their as-new appearance. Here are a few tips shared by professional cleaner to help you maintain your carpet in good shape and [...]

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Upholstery Fabrics – Choose Wisely

Most people are usually attracted from the fancy appearance, colour or certain model when purchasing their new furniture. Of course, appearance is quite important factor when buying furnishings, but there is another key issue you need to consider - the practicality. Before [...]

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