Don't Fall for These Carpet Cleaning Myths!

Don’t Fall for These Carpet Cleaning Myths!


Date Posted:

August 24, 2023

Even though carpet cleaning is one of the common tasks, not everyone knows how to do it correctly. In such cases, homeowners often refer to the information available online. But not everything on the internet is true.

There are several misconceptions that can mislead carpet owners and affect the appearance and longevity of their carpet. In this blog, we have debunked some common carpet cleaning myths.

8 Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

1. New carpets don’t require cleaning

It is quite obvious to assume that your newly installed plush carpeting does not require cleaning. But the fact is, new carpets contain manufacturing residue. It attracts dirt and debris and can be harmful to people with allergies.

Therefore many carpet manufacturers advise getting your carpet deep cleaned after installing them to eliminate such residue and other harmful contaminants.

2. No need to clean the carpet until it looks dirty

It is a common myth that carpets don’t require cleaning until they look filthy. This happens especially in the case of dark-coloured carpets. With regular use, soil and dirt particles accumulate deep inside the carpet fibres.

These particles might not affect the appearance of your carpet but can damage your carpet fibres, reducing their lifespan. So whether your carpet is visibly filthy or not, you must get it deep cleaned regularly.

However, carpet type, foot traffic, pets & children, and allergy issues are some of the factors that might affect how often should you clean your carpet. But in general, you must get it cleaned every 12-18 months.

3. Professional steam cleaning can damage the carpet

Many people believe that professional steam cleaning can damage carpets and causes mould. It might be due to some poor quality cleaning by an inexperienced cleaner. However, the fact is, steam cleaning is the most effective carpet cleaning technique.

When you hire London Carpet Cleaning Ltd, you get the most thorough cleaning without causing any harm to your carpet. We follow 7 step cleaning process that ensures deep cleaning with the best care your carpet deserves.

4. Carpet cleaning will make the carpet dirty more quickly

Again a case of poor-quality cleaning. When the sticky residue is left behind after carpet cleaning, it attracts dirt and soil particles making the carpet dirty. But it is not possible in case of a reputable service provider who uses good-quality products and leaves no traces of residue.

5. Same cleaning method works for all carpet types

During our cleaning visits, we often meet clients who believe all carpets can be cleaned using the same method. But it is a total myth. There are different types of carpets available, and they require different cleaning approaches.

Carpet manufacturers provide cleaning instructions that must be followed to ensure the longevity of your carpet. Experienced carpet cleaners like us know the different carpet cleaning methods suitable for different carpet types. This provides satisfactory results without damaging your carpet.

6. Rented machines are as effective as professional cleaning

Many homeowners rent a carpet cleaner to save money on professional carpet cleaning. Rented machines might be helpful in cleaning your carpet, but they are not as effective as professional equipment. They do not deep clean the carpet.

Moreover, one of the reasons why hiring professionals is better than renting a machine is a faulty machine that can badly damage your carpet and lead to expensive repair or even replacement.

7. All Store-bought cleaning products are safe to use

Numerous cleaning products available in the market claim to be safe and helpful for carpet cleaning. But not all of them are safe for your carpet. Some cleaning products can make your carpet worse.

Therefore it is necessary to do proper research before buying a cleaning solution. Moreover, test the products on a hidden area before directly using them on your carpet.

8. Vacuuming is sufficient to keep carpets clean

No doubt, vacuuming is crucial to maintain the spotless look of your carpet. But it takes more than just vacuuming. Carpet attracts dirt, dust, and grime which accumulates deep inside that can’t be cleaned with mere vacuuming. It requires professional deep cleaning.

Summing Up

You will come across numerous myths about carpet cleaning. Some of them are totally baseless, while others can be due to bad experiences. But it is crucial not to fall for these myths and take the right care of your carpet.

You can always rely on our experts at London Carpet Cleaning Ltd for your cleaning needs. We will not only provide you with exceptional cleaning results but also assist you in taking the best care of your carpets.