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What to Expect from Your Cleaning Company


Date Posted:

July 24, 2014

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies nowadays so choosing the best one for you can be difficult. If you check up the Internet for this service you will find thousands of websites. It’s great that we have such a variety of options, but it can be quite confusing to pick up the right company. Here are few tips to help you with you decision.

Search for Certified Carpet Cleaners

Every qualitative carpet cleaning company should be consisted of proven experts. Of course, the best professionals have long years of experience in the field. However, they should be able to prove their qualifications. Check company’s website for professional certificates. Some of the most reputable institutes that certify carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleaners in UK and USA are BICSc (British Institute of Carpet Cleaning Science), NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association), and IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). If the cleaners you want to hire are certified by any of these organisations the chance is you will get a top-notch service increases.

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Expect Immaculate Customer Service

With the great variety of companies it is your right to get nothing but professional attitude and qualitative carpet cleaning service. After all, this service is quite of expense for most of us – especially if you want all your carpets cleaned. The cleaning team should be punctual! People are quite busy nowadays, so proper time-management is more than important. We can agree that nobody can predict the traffic, but an experienced team that knows their area well should be on time. Professional carpet cleaners are also polite, efficient and well informed.

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The Cleaning Process

Many cleaning businesses are bragging about the advanced equipment and chemicals they use. Of course powerful machines are great, but in the hands of a non-professional this can be as efficient as giving a shotgun to an orangutan. A properly trained and experienced technician doesn’t just start cleaning! The true professionals will first ask you about your expectations and will inspect your carpet in order to select the best chemicals and treatments for the procedure.

Reasonable Prices

There is such a big competition in carpet cleaning industry that the prices announced on every website are so attractively low. But be cautious! Some companies post seemingly reasonable rates on their pages, but in the end, after the procedure it occurs, that you have to pay extra cash for the VAT, for transport, for additional products etc. Always check what you get for the initial price, to avoid surprising numbers, when you get the bill in the end. The company has to provide you detailed information about their rates. It is also good to know that some companies offer free, non-obligation quote – ask for it.

These are the most important things you should research before hiring carpet cleaning company. Another thing that may concern you is what kind of cleaning products are being used. More and more companies nowadays are trying to use safer, eco-friendly products. In some cases – like removing really tough, stubborn stains it may be impossible to use green cleaners. However, nothing stops you from asking for non-toxic alternative when it’s about cleaning your home.