How to Clean Water Stains From Upholstery?

How to Clean Water Stain From Upholstery?


Date Posted:

March 12, 2024

Spills and stains are an everyday story when it comes to sofas and couches. While most of the stains are evident when they happen, a water stain is something that’s spooky for homeowners. You have no idea how and when it appeared. All you are left with is a big brown ring of watermark, spoiling your spotless sofa.

A water stain is not only unsightly but a clear invitation to mould if left untreated for a long time. But you need not fret. The good part is that you can easily remove it with simple ingredients if used right. Read on to learn the best way to clean that water stain on your sofa. With this effective vinegar solution, you’ll get your spotless upholstery back again.

What Causes Water Stains?

Before we move on to cleaning, let’s understand, in brief, what makes a water stain form in the first place. When your upholstery comes in contact with water and is left unattended, it’s the minerals and dirt in the water that leave a water stain behind.

It can be a water leak from the ceiling, an unknown spill, or simply overwetting of a fabric that leaves moisture behind. That forms a brown ring on the surface when the water dries, leaving a stain. Here’s how to remove it.

5-Step Process To Clean Water Stains From Upholstery

1. Vacuum

The very first thing you need to do is a quick pass of vacuuming. If you directly jump on the stain removal, the dirt on the fabric’s surface won’t let you do the most effective job. So make sure you are vacuuming this surface dirt properly before you move on.

2. Check the Fabric Type

We advise you to check the fabric type of your upholstery. Different upholstery fabric types need different cleaning approaches. And to ensure you do it right, knowing the type is crucial.

If that label says Code W/S or Code W, you can readily move ahead and opt for the below-mentioned water-based cleaning method. But if it’s Code S or Code X, we’ll suggest hiring an experienced professional to do it right for you.

3. Make a Solution

To clean the water stain from your upholstery, you will need to mix equal quantities of distilled white vinegar and distilled water. Make enough solution according to the size of the stain. Keep the solution ready in a bowl along with a white clean microfiber cloth.

Moreover, our advice would be to test this solution first on a hidden spot of your upholstery to ensure safety.

4. Clean the Water Stain

The approach to clean the water stain is to dampen the fabric with this solution, blot the moisture, and repeat. Here is how you do it.

  • Dip that cloth into the vinegar solution you made.
  • Wring it well just to leave it dampened.
  • Pretest it before application.
  • Now, wet the stained area thoroughly by pressing this damp cloth over it and blotting the stain.
  • The vinegar will loosen the minerals and dirt of the stain as you blot it.
  • Once done, absorb the moisture with a clean, dry towel thoroughly.
  • Repeat from start to end, until the entire stain goes away.

The older the stain, the more rounds and time it will take. But stay assured that vinegar and distilled water mix will do its job pretty well.

5. Dry Thoroughly

After removing the stain, make sure you don’t leave any bit of moisture behind. If you think the fabric smells of vinegar, you may prefer to give it a final rinse with a distilled-water-dampened cloth.

Lastly, absorb all the moisture and dry the fabric thoroughly to avoid any chances of recurrence or mould.

Things To Keep In Mind When Removing A Water Stain

• Use only distilled water and distilled vinegar. Avoid tap water.
• The distilled forms of water and vinegar are devoid of minerals so they won’t leave yet another water stain behind.
• Don’t use pure vinegar without diluting it, especially on coloured fabrics.
• Don’t keep the solution applied on the fabric for too long to ensure safety from discolouration.
• Refrain from overwetting.
• Don’t leave it damp, ensure complete dryness after removal.
• Avoid rubbing the stain.

When To Opt For A Professional?

Most water stains are easy to remove if done right and treated sooner. And the above vinegar and distilled water mix is an effective trick to take them off your sofa.

However, if the stain is months old and doesn’t budge even after thorough repetitions, pros are your best bet. We can help you clean the toughest water stains with the most effective approach. Our team at London Carpet Cleaning LTD is fully certified and equipped with the best stain removal practices for upholstery and carpets.