How to remove chewing gum from your upholstery?


Date Posted:

November 5, 2021

Chewing gum is popular among many people, particularly youngsters. Fresh or dried gum residues, on the other hand, will not be welcomed by your carpets. Don’t worry if you spilled gum on your carpet; there are numerous techniques to get the stain out. The following methods will be helpful to anyone who needs to get rid of chewing gum. Only a small number out of the thousands of professional carpet cleaners like our full trained technicians at London Carpet Cleaning , can remove chewing gum traces and dried stains from carpets. After inspecting the carpet’s thickness and fibres, they utilise special equipment and chemical-based solutions. Nevertheless it is still possible to attempt to clean the carpet on your own.

The use of stain removal products:

Despite the reality that we rely on the internet for most of our obstacles we come across, at London Carpet Cleaning we strongly warn against using chemicals or stain removers that are recommended on the internet.
Synthetic carpets are treated differently than natural fibres like wool and cotton, and each rug is unique. At the same time, no two gum stains are same. Check the effect of any cleaning approach and different products on a small section of the carpet before using them to verify that the cleaning option you choose is compatible with the carpet and won’t damage it.
There are two procedures we’ve put together that will work on your rugs, couches, and carpets, but for fabrics like Silk and Jude, professional dry cleaning is necessary. Silk is highly delicate, and it will leave a residue if it comes into touch with moisture. Jude may shrink if he comes into contact with anything he shouldn’t, such as liquid or heat. We highly advise only professional involvement on specific types of rugs. We also use the same technique when working with delicate fabrics like swede or velvet.

The Hairdryer Method:

  • Things you will need- A hairdryer , Rubber gloves (protection)
  • Heat the gum with your hair drier for a few seconds at a time to soften it (using a medium heat setting). Avoid overheating the area or leaving the heat on for too long, as this may cause your carpet fibres to burn.
  • Carefully peel the gum from the fibres to start removing it. Wear rubber gloves or some other type of protection to keep your fingers from becoming sticky when you remove the gum.
  • Re-heat the carpet and repeat the process until you’ve removed as much chewing gum as possible. Once you’ve removed as much gum as possible from the carpet, use our quick and easy technique to remove any residue.

The Cooling Method:

  • Things you will need – Ice cubes, Place bag (zip lock bag), A butter knife or spoon
  • Fill the zip lock bag partially with ice cubes. Make sure the zip lock bag is completely dry before using it, since moisture will harm your approach.
  • Apply mild pressure to the chewing gum to solidify it; depending on the temperature of the room, you may need to hold the bag on top of the gum for a few moments to get the best results.
  • Remove the ice pack and use the spoon or a blunt knife to carefully scrape the gum from the carpet fibres (This should be a lot simpler now that the gum has solidified)
  • Remove any chewed-up gum as quickly as possible, before it softens and becomes sticky again. Re-freeze as needed until all of the gum has been extracted from the carpet.

How can you get chewing gum stains out of your upholstery?

To eliminate any unsightly residue after cleaning as much chewing gum as possible, add half a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to the carpet using a damp sponge or a white paper towel.

Check the effect of any cleaning approach and different products on a small section of the carpet before using them to verify that the cleaning option you choose is compatible with the carpet and won’t damage it.

Apply more if the residue is bigger, and use the dabbing method to remove any residue left by the gum. Avoid rubbing as this may harm the fibres of your fabrics and may allow the residue to enter deeper, making it more difficult to remove.

Still can’t get it out?

For a number of reasons, the suggested technique may not work; nevertheless, if doing it yourself did not solve the problem, it would be preferable to have one of our expert specialists at London Carpet Cleaning offer a quality stain removal service. Please call us at 0203 390 2157 if you have any questions.