How Winter Weather Affects Your Carpets?

How Winter Weather Affects Your Carpets?


Date Posted:

December 8, 2023

Winter is a beautiful season and a perfect excuse to spend all your time indoors, cuddled up in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate. But while you enjoy the festivals and cosiness of winter, the same is not the case for your carpet.

The cold winter weather can affect your carpet in ways that can leave it looking dull and drab. So, to help protect your carpet, we have discussed all of these effects in detail.

Ways Winter Weather Affects Your Carpets

⇒ Salt Stains

Unlike the popular belief, your carpet is not free from stains during winter. On the contrary, the salt used to melt the snow increases the chances of staining on the carpet.

The muddy boots can track in wet dirt and salt, leaving your carpet soiled, and salt can cause white spots all over the carpet. You can place doormats at your entrance and ban shoes indoors to protect your carpet from salt stains.

⇒ Higher Foot Traffic

People spend most of their time indoors during the cold season. It leads to increased foot traffic in your home, which causes wear and tear on delicate carpet fibres.

Over time, this makes your carpet look dull and worn out. Regular vacuuming is the best way to prevent this and make your high-traffic carpet look new again. Also, you can protect the carpet fibres from getting crushed by strategically placing rugs and runners on the most affected areas.

⇒ Increased Allergen Buildup

Due to most houses staying boarded up during the winter to retain heat, there is a high chance of allergen buildup. These indoor pollutants affect the air quality of your home and lead to various health problems.

You should invest in a high-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter to combat the allergens hidden in your carpet. You also need to get your carpet steam-cleaned with regular vacuuming to keep your family and pets safe.

⇒ Higher Risk of Mould Growth

Winters in London are wet and humid, and there is a higher risk of mould growth under your carpet due to improper cleaning or unaddressed moisture. This fungus is harmful to your health and can lead to many health complications.

So, if there is an accidental spill on your carpet, you need to ventilate the area and soak up the excess moisture to prevent mould growth under wet carpets. Then, monitor your carpet closely for any signs of mould growth.

⇒ Carpet Shrinkage

Another way that winter weather affects carpets is by causing the carpet fibres to shrink and buckle. It happens because sometimes the indoor humidity gets too low in the winter. This gives your carpet an uneven appearance and increases the chances of damage. You can prevent this by maintaining the normal humidity levels in your home.

Protect Your Carpet from Harmful Effects of Winter

Winter may not be the friendliest season for your carpet in part due to the weather and holidays it brings. But keeping your carpet clean during the cold months is crucial for your carpet’s appearance and your overall health.

So, getting your carpet cleaned by experts from London Carpet Cleaning LTD is the best thing you can do to keep your carpet looking spotless during the winter. We use advanced equipment to remove dirt, grime and all the other contaminants from your carpet. Our effective cleaning fully prepares your carpet for the rough winter weather.