Tips To Make Your High-Traffic Carpet Look New

How to Make Your High-Traffic Carpet Look as Good as New?


Date Posted:

July 28, 2023

Dirt, dust and grime gathered on your carpet can make it look filthy and old. Moreover, stains and foot traffic can make your luxurious carpet look worn out.

But we can help prevent that. Here we have discussed six useful tips to make your high-traffic carpet look new. They will help you restore the original look of your carpet.

7 Tips To Make Your High-Traffic Carpet Look New

1. Vacuum your carpets regularly

Regular vacuuming is the key to maintaining the look of your carpet. Vacuuming prevents dirt and debris from accumulating on your carpets and helps reduce wear and tear. It will also fluff up the dirty fibres and improve the look of your carpet.

We suggest vacuuming your carpet 1-2 times a week. But you can consider vacuuming more often in high-traffic areas.

Here are some tips to vacuum the carpet for the desired results.
• Avoid using too much pressure while vacuuming.
• Vacuum in two directions to get the best results.
• You should make at least 5-6 passes in high-traffic carpet areas.

2. Use a carpet rake

You may be wondering what a carpet rake is. Well, it’s a carpet cleaning tool you must try to make your high-traffic carpet look new. Unlike a garden rake, carpet rakes have two rows of finer teeth.

To use it, pick it up like you would a broom. Then put the head through the carpet fibres and work in short strokes. If you have a deeper-pile carpet, you should use more pressure. Continue to work like this until you cover the entire area.

The rake will remove pet hair, dirt, and debris stuck inside the carpet fibres, which you can vacuum up. After you use the rake, your carpet will look fluffy like new.

3. Get professional deep cleaning

Vacuuming certainly helps maintain your carpet by removing surface dirt and dust. But mere vacuuming isn’t enough for cleaning carpets. It requires thorough cleaning by professionals like us to remove deep-seated stains and grime.

We use steam cleaning to lift the dirt and grime from the carpet. Our advanced cleaning machines clean better than any vacuum cleaner or rented machine. It thoroughly removes pesky stains and odours from your carpet.

So getting your carpet cleaned by us at least once or twice a year can help preserve your carpet.

4. Rotate furniture

If you leave your furniture in the same spot after installing it, you may cause permanent damage to your carpet. The heavy furniture flattens the carpet fibres and leads to permanent dark spots.

You can move around the large pieces of furniture occasionally to give the affected areas a break. Moreover, you can put furniture caps on your couches and sofa to prevent excess wear and tear.

5. Avoid walking on wet carpets

Walking on wet carpets is one of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes that leads to reappearing carpet stains. You should avoid stepping on it when it’s wet, as walking on it attracts dirt and grime.

More than that, you risk damaging and denting the soft carpet fibres by stepping on damp carpet.

So wait until the carpet is dry to walk on it again. It may take a few hours for that, but waiting a while is better than undoing the cleaning. Wear a shoe cap if you should step on the carpet for any reason.

6. Protect the carpet with rugs & doormats

Place area rugs on your high-traffic carpet to protect it from wear and tear. While it may sound unnecessary, let us explain why it makes perfect sense. When you place rugs in high-traffic areas, they absorb the damage meant for the carpet.

These rugs are much easier to clean than the entire carpet, which makes your job easier. But if the rugs do get damaged, you can replace them at a much lesser cost than the carpet.

Still, if you want to prevent the entry of dirt and dust, you should get a doormat. It will catch all the dirt from shoes and protect the carpet. But wash it once in a while to prevent any future issues.

7. Groom your pets

Your furry friend might unknowingly cause damage to your carpet by walking on it with muddy paws and shedding their fur. They can also infuse a permanent musty odour on the carpet by sleeping on it if they don’t take regular baths.

So the best way to reduce pet-related carpet issues is to groom your pets properly. You should set a schedule for trimming their nails and giving them baths. It can be two times a month or more.

Then to solve the shedding problem, you should brush their fur thoroughly at least once a week. If your pet has regular accidents on the carpet, you should consult a vet about digestion issues.

Consult our experts for more such advice

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