Carpet Care Tips For Pets

Top 6 Carpet Care Tips For Pet Owners


Date Posted:

March 28, 2023

As a pet owner, it is an uphill battle to maintain clean carpets with your pets. From excess hair on your carpet to musty odour, the list of carpet problems with pets is endless.

While hiring professional carpet cleaning services is the #1 carpet care tip for pet owners, it is not the only one. Here we have mentioned some other carpet care tips for pet owners, like regular vacuuming and using vinegar and baking soda to help you keep your carpet in perfect shape, even with pets!

6 Carpet Care Tips For Pet Owners

1. Take Care of The ‘Hairy’ Problem

If you are a pet owner, you know this. From your clothes and sofa to your carpet, there are hairs everywhere! But there are easy ways to remove dog hairs from the carpet, and you can prevent hair buildup on your carpet by doing the following things.

  • Hoover your carpet at least 2-3 times per week.
  • Loosen the rough patches of fur with fabric softener and water before hoovering them.
  • You can use tools like a roller to remove excess fur from your carpet.
  • Treat the hair issue of your pet from the root by grooming them regularly and limiting hair loss.

2. Prevent Mud Marks

If your pet loves to play outside, you often have to deal with muddy paw prints all over your home, especially in high-traffic areas like entrances. The best way to treat dirty paw stains is to let them dry and then vacuum them. If the stains persist, clean them with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water. After removing the stains, dab them with cold water and blot dry the area.

You should also clean your pets at the entrance to prevent them from entering your home with unclean paws. To protect high-traffic areas of your home, you can also invest in rugs or mats.

3. Discourage Scratching

While it is healthy for your pets to sharpen their claws, you shouldn’t encourage that behaviour on your carpet. When your pet starts testing its scratching skills on your carpet, immediately move it away to a scratching post to encourage scratching there.

If your pet returns to the same spot on your carpet for scratching, chances are, they are attracted to a particular scent. Apply baking soda on that spot for a few hours to neutralise the smell attracting your pet.

4. Best Way to Handle Pet Accidents

Even if your pet is extremely well-trained, some accidents will happen from time to time. But you don’t need to worry about that, as the following steps will help you take care of the mess.

  • Soak up the moisture from the carpet with an absorbent towel. Then mix several drops of liquid detergent with warm water and start to clean the dirty area of the carpet. Next, rinse the area of your carpet to remove the cleaning solution.
  • To neutralise the odour and prevent further accidents, blot the area with white vinegar mixed with some warm water and sprinkle baking soda overnight to neutralise the odour even more.
  • When the mess is solid, like vomit or faeces, start by removing as much solid mess as possible. Do not rub the residue inside the carpet, as it can penetrate deep and become hard to remove. Mix white vinegar & warm soapy water and apply on the stained area. After 10-15 min, blot the area with a towel and sprinkle baking soda on it.

5. Treat Pest Infestations

If your pet loves to spend time outdoors, there are chances that they will bring pests like fleas and allergens from outside inside your home. To prevent pest infestation on your carpet, vacuum it 2-3 times a week to remove pests and their eggs from the carpet.

Next, empty your vacuum bag outside the house to prevent the pests from returning.

6. Hire Professionals

One of the best carpet care tips for pet owners is to hire professionals to clean your carpet occasionally to keep it safe and healthy for you and your pets. With their knowledge and expertise, professionals can treat odour and stains from pet accidents and remove excessive pet hairs to make your carpet look good once again.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned carpet care tips for pet owners will help you enjoy being a pet parent to the fullest without worrying about your carpet getting scratched or spoiled.

Remember to hoover regularly, clean mud marks, prevent scratching, treat pest infestation on time and clean messes the right way. Also, don’t hesitate to contact professional carpet cleaning near you for extremely pet-worn carpets.