3 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Beautiful Carpet Clean


Date Posted:

December 7, 2015

All carpets look great when we buy them. But over time they tend to get a shabby worn out look, loosing their as-new appearance. Here are a few tips shared by professional cleaner to help you maintain your carpet in good shape and prolong its life.

Basic Rug and Carpet Care

All textile floorings collect a lot of dirt, dust and hair all the time. If you want to keep your rug in condition you need to vacuum it regularly – once or twice a week. Even if you have a powerful vacuum cleaner, you cannot afford to clean the carpet less frequently. When dust and dirt are left unattended they penetrate deep in the fibres. Then vacuuming won’t be enough to clean the embedded dirt and your carpet will look scruffy and grimy. If you have rug placed in high traffic area – such as the coffee table in the living room, you will need to clean around this spot even more often.

Prevention from Soiling

The best way to prolong your carpet’s life is to prevent it from heavy soiling as long as possible. This means you need to leave the dirt outside. Put mats outside your house and in the hallway in front of every room. Take your shoes off when entering the house and ask the other members of your family to do the same. Another good way to protect your rug is to deal with food and beverage spills right after they occur. If you let them sit and dry they can become stubborn stains, which are very difficult to remove.

Deal with Indentations

Heavy furnishings like sofa, armchairs, commodes and all furnishings made of solid wood press carpet fibres, leaving unsightly marks. Even if it doesn’t look like a big deal, these pits deteriorate the rug and become permanent. It is also very frustrating to rearrange the furniture and expose such ugly marks on the carpet. The solution is to rotate your rug every now and then to avoid the appearance of permanent indentations. This will also prevent tear and wear in high traffic areas. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet the alternative is moving the furnishings with a few inches every few months.

At last, but not least – if you want to keep your rug clean, consider hiring professional carpet cleaning company for deep carpet treatment at least twice a year.