How To Maintain Carpets After Professional Cleaning?

How To Maintain Carpets After Professional Cleaning?


Date Posted:

October 6, 2023

If you have got your carpets recently cleaned, you must be enjoying spotless plush flooring with comfort and joy. However, you need to take a few actions to maintain the same for a long time.

Here we have discussed some helpful ways to maintain your carpet after professional cleaning. By following these, you can preserve the pristine clean carpets for a long time.

Tips to Maintain Carpets After Professional Cleaning

1. Let it completely dry

Once you get your carpets deep cleaned, you must make sure they are thoroughly dry before you start using them. Professionals often use carpet cleaning methods like Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning, which leaves some moisture in your carpets.

Walking on such wet carpets causes stains and spots on your newly cleaned carpets. We always recommend allowing at least 4-5 hours to let your carpet dry after cleaning. You can turn on the fan or open windows for quick drying. For unavoidable areas like hallways, you can use clean shoes while walking on carpets.

2. Make a habit of vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is the best thing you can do to maintain your carpets. By vacuuming your carpets 1-2 times a week, you can trap the loose soil, dirt, and debris and prevent them from getting deep inside the fibres.

Invest in a good-quality vacuum with powerful suction and make vacuuming a habit. Regular vacuuming will help you maintain the spotless appearance of your carpet and prolong its lifespan.

3. Keep an eye on stains

Admit it. No matter how hard you try, spills on your carpets are unavoidable. It can be your morning coffee, food crumbs by your toddler or pet accident. But the key here is acting promptly. With some quick actions, you can clean the stain from your carpet.

As soon as you encounter a carpet stain, grab a clean cloth or paper towel and start blotting it gently. Blot as much excessive liquid as you can. Then blot the area with water to remove the deep-seated spill. You can refer to this stain removal guide to treat different carpet stains.

4. Use doormats to trap dirt

Doormats work great for preventing the outside dirt and debris from entering your home. You can protect your carpet from external contaminants by placing good-quality door mats at the entrances. Moreover, doormats will also absorb the moisture from wet shoes and prevent staining.

5. Avoid shoes on carpets

Shoes carry soil, dirt, and other harmful contaminants that eventually accumulate inside the carpet fibres. This can be stopped by avoiding walking on the carpets with shoes.

You can remove the shoes outside or at least wipe them before entering the home. By doing this you not only prevent your carpets from unwanted stains but also add years to their life by reducing the excess wear and tear.

6. Rotate the furniture

When you leave a piece of furniture on your carpet for a long time, the area beneath the furniture looks different. Moreover, heavy furniture also dents the carpet permanently. Keep rotating your furniture periodically to prevent such discolouration and denting.