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Professional Tips for Autumn House Cleaning

Autumn is near and most home owners are starting to clean out the gutters, rake leaves and store summer garden furniture in the garage— but what about cleaning the house? Fall is just the best time to review those spring-cleaning checklists, which you’ve [...]

How to Use Soapnuts for Home Cleaning

Soapnuts are one of the most effective cleaning agents and the best thing is – they grow on trees! If you haven’t heard about this miracle of Mother Nature, you can learn more here. They are natural and safe for your [...]

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How to Check the Cleaning Company You Have Found Online

A lot has been said and written about carpet cleaning in last few years. Back in the not that distant past when Google wasn’t so widely used homeowners relied on Yellow Pages, local news outlets and recommendations from friends to choose their [...]

How to Treat Moisture Sensitive Rugs and Carpets

There are so many different ways to get your rugs and carpets cleaned. A smart home owner will always choose the best possible cleaning methods for their flooring in order to keep his home immaculately clean and ensure his carpets not only look [...]

4 Tips to Make Home Cleaning Easier

Let’s face it – a lot of us try to avoid cleaning our home because the task simply takes too much of our time.  However, if you plan everything carefully and clean your place systematically, you will manage to deal with this task, without [...]

What to Expect from Your Cleaning Company

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies nowadays so choosing the best one for you can be difficult. If you check up the Internet for this service you will find thousands of websites. It’s great that we have such a variety of [...]

Carpet Cleaning Prices

When it comes to refreshing their home carpets people often don’t know how much does carpet cleaning cost. In this post we will try to point the main steps of the process called carpet cleaning or shampooing and give you information about average [...]

Easy and Efficient Way to Clean Stains From Your Carpet

If you want to preserve your carpets at home in good shape and prolong their life you need to take proper care f them. Regular vacuuming is a must, as well as cleaning and removing food stains and spills from the rugs, [...]

DIY Sofa Cleaning in 4 Easy Steps

You have been maintaining your home long enough to know that furniture and carpets get dirty really fast without proper care. And you need to put a lot of effort to keep everything in a good shape. Your beloved couch is getting [...]

How to Clean Oriental Rug from Stains, Spills and After Floods

Many people enjoy the classic beauty of Oriental rugs, but never buy one. There is a general belief that these beautiful area rugs are impossible to maintain and preserve. Actually these carpets can decorate your home for quite a long period. All you [...]

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